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Learn more about our awesome SUP Camp in the Algarve in Portugal

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Learn more about our SUP School in the Algarve in Portugal

SUP course and camp

On our website, you can book a SUP course and also an overnight stay at our popular surf camp “The New Kitehouse” in the Estrada da Albardeira which is located close to the harbour town Lagos and the Meia Praia beach. Here you will get to know international water sports guests and listen to their exciting and funny stories about our other water sports courses, like surfing, kiting or windsurfing. The trampoline, slackline or the balance board provide you with a great opportunity for exercising your balance and coordination. The camp holds different sleeping accommodation, such as comfy double rooms, multi-bed rooms or several bungalows.
Paddling while standing on a board is an ancient way of surfing. Only Polynesian tribe-kings used to surf this way for centuries. Water-men, like Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton, made this kind of surfing popular again and showed the huge potential of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) with or without a wave.

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Stand Up Paddling in Portugal

If you want to experience an unforgettable adventure during your vacation in the south of Portugal, you definitely need to try out our Stand Up Paddling tour in the Algarve! In contrast to traditional exploration trips, you see the beautiful coast and the crystal clear waterside of the southern Portuguese region from a new and different perspective. In addition to our SUP courses, we offer you a cosy accommodation in our camp house where you must feel right at home with other water sports fans from all over the world. What more do you want?
In the shallow water, our experienced and always cheerful instructors will show you the basics and balance exercises which will help you to get the proper stability on the Stand Up Paddleboard as a beginner. During our flat water trip, we will not only explore fascinating cliffs and caves with our modern and comfortable boards but also lovely wind-protected bays or lagoons. If you are an advanced water sports enthusiast, you can venture on Stand Up Paddle Surfing and catch the waves with a long SUP board on the west coast.

SUP Spots

Paddling while standing on a board is an ancient way of surfing. Polynesian tribe-kings used to surf this way for centuries. Watermen like Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton have brought it back.

Tour across the lagoon between Lagos and Alvor with a visit to the lovely fishing village of Alvor and some stops on the little islands on the way. Paddling on the flat water is highly enjoyable, moreover picturesque sights make this trip an experience not to be missed, even for families and beginners.
We have SUP adventures including paddle trips to the impressive cliffs and caves of Lagos around Ponta da Piedade or downwind trips along the west coast of the Algarve. Sea conditions have to be calm and participants need to show good SUP skills to go on this trip.

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SUP Wavetrips

The great advantages of SUP in waves are:

  • You can paddle much faster than conventional surfers allowing you to catch waves earlier and easier.
  • You can have fun in waves which are too fat or not powerful enough for regular surfing.
  • Since you are standing the whole time (of cause unless you fall) you are able to see and prepare for approaching waves.
  • Due to the fast and effort-saving paddling you will be able to reach spots further out or surf different spots during the same session.

All these advantages allow you to surf at spots with fewer people while catching more waves.