This is Wakeboarding?

h2.The wakeboard
A wakeboard looks similar to a snowboard, a little shorter and wider, with fixed bindings for a solid stance. The shape of the board depends beside the wight and size of the wakeboarder on the purpose the board has to serve. Longe, wide boards are great for choppy water and greater speed you find riding behind a boat on the open sea while shorter boards are better to use on cable parks with obstacles.

The wakeboard boat
The crucial factor for serious boat wakeboard fun is the wake of the powerboat. Special wakeboard-boats are able to adjust the wake by ballast systems from small to gigantic. The wake is used as a ramp to execute jumps similar to snowboarding. The shape of the boat hull and the high attachment point of the rope allow jumps up to several meters. The powerful V8-Engine plus an integrated GPS System lets the boat constantly ride with the same speed no matter how hard the wakeboard rider will edge against the pull of the boat.
Luckly we can use a perfect wakeboard boat, the Mastercraft x-25, in Lagos.

Wake surfing
The gigantic wave produced by the wakeboard boat are not only used for jumps. An experienced boarder can ride the endless wake even without holding on to the rope. The start is similar to a regular wakeboard start but the rope will be a lot shorter. Once the wake surfer is up and riding he trys to find the “sweet spot” of the wake before he lets go of the handle. For wakesurfing we use a special small surf board.

The wake park
Wakeboarding does not necessarily need a boat. You can also ride on a cable park similar to a ski lift. An electric engine turns a metal rope around a lake with one up to 12 hooks for lines and handels. The wakeboarder ride around the lake and can ride obstacles like rails and ramps. Only a couple of minutes from the kitehouse we are blessed with a 2.0 wake park in Lagos