This is windsurfing

First with huge boards like the Windglider and simple triangle sails taut between wooden booms the, what some people call the “first fun sport”, evolved. With the participation in the 1984 Olympics windsurfing turned into a very hi-tech and highly professionalised water sport. These days small windsurf boards with foot straps, high performance sails, mast and booms made of carbon and harnesses combined with extra ordinary water men like Robby Naish, Jason Polakow and Kai Lenny push windsurfing to be one of the most radical water sport.
Riding the gigantic waves of Jaws, doing crazy freestyle moves, reaching speeds close to 100 km/h or using hydrofoils to windsurf in a light breeze, the options this sport has to offer are huge. But also to learn the basics of windsurfing got with the new equipment much easier. From recreational to radical… you can choose how you want to enjoy this sport.