Water Men Camp

The definition of a water man (or water woman, the term is not gender specific) is a person with a broad understanding of the ocean and nature and with great skills to handle a variety of water sport equipment in different conditions. A water man feels at home in the sea.

Our wate man camp lets you experience every day a different watersport. Surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, wake boarding and sup. Broadening your horizon of watersport skills and knowledge.

Since becoming a water man takes a life time of passion and dedication, it would be ridicules to promise you to turn you into a water man in a week long camp.

But our intention in the Water Man Camp is rooted in our Algarve Watersport concept : Always Action Guaranteed.

The ocean and weather are not predictable. We have good wave or we don´t, wind is blowing or not, sun may shine or it won’t. The skill of a real water man is to pull out the right water sport equipment at the right time to enjoy what mother nature throws at him/her. That might be a surfboard, a kite, a windsurf or sup board, maybe a wakeboard, boat or a hydrofoil. Being able to adapt to the ocean, nature and weather conditions and having fun is what makes a great water man.

Seeing the ocean as an always changing playground with countless possibilities and using this playground respectful and flexible.