5 reasons why you should join our Surfing and Fitness Camp

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Surfing and fitness – a perfect combination

Together with Bjoern Mombach – the coach responsible for fitness program during our Surfing and Fitness Camp we listed 5 most important reasons why this event is a great thing to do for anyone – beginners and advanced surfers. And also both – sporty and “not-so-sporty” travellers.

1. Work out that whole body!

None of us was born on a surfboard, but if you are dreaming of catching some green waves one day, you better start working out! Surfing is a full body sport which, if you want to do it right and improve fast, requires a good level of fitness. Even if your fitness level is average, during the camp you will learn how to exercise to become stronger and faster quickly.

2. Know what you are doing!

It’s not enough to say, that you should be fit if you want to surf some nice waves. It’s also about knowing what type of workout improves specific muscles responsible for your performance in surfing. Different parts of your body help you paddle, pop up, turn, we will show you which muscles are these and how to train them.

3. Warm up is the key!

Doing any type of sport without a proper warn up is definitely a bad idea, anyone who ever jumped in the ocean right after spending couple of hours in front of computer or driving, will tell you that. Make sure you stretch and do a sequence of moves before grabbing the board. Yes, we will teach you those moves as well.

4. Get the most of your surftrip!

Ok, you are just about to start your journey with surfing and it’s completely ok to be exhausted after an hour or two in the water, especially if the conditions are challenging. But… let’s say you want to really focus on surfing and have the power and strenght to be in the ocean as long as possible. We will explain how excatly you should train to be ready for those waves, no matter where your next surf trip will be!

5. Simply…. enjoy it!

Never forget that unless you are planning to take park in the next World Surfing League, you are doing it for fun and pleasure! We will make sure that everyone who joins our camp has a great time and lots of fun when learning how to surf, working out, chilling or having drinks together. If you loose weight or become stronger after that week, well it’s a nice side-effect!

Sounds good?

Are you ready to take the challenge and join us in Portugal? Get in touch and book your spot today! Package with 7 night accommodation, 4 surf lessons, 1 SUP tour, 8 fitness classes, daily brekfast and 5 x dinnner starting from 690 eur!

Detailed schedule available here

More info available also in the Surf & Fitness Camp Facebook Event

Photo credit – Photographer: Oliver Sjöström, https://ollivves.com