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5 Reasons To Join Our Surfing And Fitness Camp

If you like the idea of active holidays our Surfing and Fitness Camp should be on your bucket list! The mix of surf lessons, fitness and yoga classes, healthy food, sightseeing tours, great company and breathtaking landsapes will make you never want to leave our camp and the Algarve.
Dates: 5-12.05.2019

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Water Man Camp

The definition of a water man (or water woman, the term is not gender specific) is a person with a broad understanding of the ocean and nature and with great skills to handle a variety of water sport equipment in different conditions. A water man feels at home in the sea.

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Birth Of A Surfer

I fell in love with surfing on my first road trip to Portugal in 1993. Surfing was very different when. There were no surf camps and barely no surf schools in Europe. If you wanted to learn surfing and you did not have a friend to show you, you had to learn it the hard way. Trial and error.

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Surf Etiquette

h2.With all the advantages the Algarve surfers have to offer …

… It’s no wonder that this region is visited by surf beginners in the summer and every year more surf schools and surf camps open. Popular surf beaches are then used by several surf schools at the same time, which often leads to hair-raising situations, together with inexperienced surf tourists who want to learn to surf on their own.

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