The Food


Start your day with our heavenly breakfast prepared by our kitchen fairy Eli. Breakfast includes juices, tea, coffee, whole wheat bread, rolls, baguette, cheese, ham, jam, eggs, yoghurt, fruits, cereals and fresh milkshakes and smoothies.


We serve 5 dinners per week at the Kite House. Our cooks are well travelled and have collected recipes and culinary ideas from all over the world. We have theme nights with cooked food inspired from Italian, Asian, Latin American, German, Danish, Hungarian and of course Portuguese cuisine to pamper you with delicious, nutritious and healthy 3-course meals after a long day in the water.
For vegetarians or allergy sufferers: Please inform us during booking about your preferences, so we can prepare special meals for you. On Wednesday and Saturday evening our kitchen is closed. On these days you can try some great restaurants in Lagos.

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