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Learn more about our Wake Camp in the Algarve in Portugal

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Learn more about our Wake Boat in the Algarve in Portugal

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Learn more about our Wake Cable Park in Lagos

Wakeboarding in Portugal

There are few Wakeboad Camps in Europe and no one we know of where you can ride behind a proper wakeboard boat and on 2.0 cable on the same day. At Algarve Watersport you can… and of cause you are free to spice your wakecamp with some kiteboarding and surfing action. Our Camp “The Kite House” in Lagos is just a short walk from the Marina where the brand new Mastercraft X-23 is waiting for you and only 5min by camp bus to a pair of 2.0 cable systems with lots of rails, sliders and kickers.

You can book wakeboard and/or our camp straight away on our website! Did you know that our instructors will teach you surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing as well? Create your individual water sports vacation with Algarve Watersports in Portugal! We look forward to welcoming you at the Kite House!

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Fascination wakeboarding

“Wakeboarding is like snowboarding on the water”… This is what most boarders might say after trying this adventurous sports for the first time. While you wakeboard, a boat or a lift pulls you over the water. At our wake camp in Portugal, the brand-new and bilious green wakeboard boat Mastercraft X-Star is waiting for you just a few minutes on foot from the marina. Additionally, you will reach one of the first 2.0 wake parks in Portugal with a lot of kickers and sliders within 5 minutes with our camp bus.