boarding at the Algarve

The Mastercraft X-23 is made for wakeboarding and wakesurfing! Book your wakeboard charter now!

The guest on bord the are equipped with modern wake equipment on the boat, such as boards and bindings, which is supplied by Liquid Force, O’Brien and Ronix. The wakeboard board is only available for half day or full day charters.

01The #1 Wake Boat at the Algarve

Mastercraft X-23

No compromisse when it comes to a proper wakeboard boat!
The Mastercraft X-23…enought to know for everybody who knows a bit about wakeboarding.

The X-23 creates a massive wake claiming to be the best surf wake boat in the industry. Of cause jumping of this wake is as well a unique experience. Here some details about the wake boat everybody is talking about at the Algarve.

  • 320 horsepower V8 engin of pure grunt
  • Deep V-hull and electronic ballast system- shapes a huge, firm wake for jumps and endless wakesurf rides
  • No-flex tower- gives you plenty of air
  • Perfect pass- keeps the speed steady for you to finally nail your first 180 or 1080
  • Bad Ass Sound system- delivers your favourite tunes while you ride
  • Custom graphics, trim and carpets- because style while riding and hanging out is essential!

Price MASTERCRAFT Wake boat
from 340,00€ (+ fuel approx. 150,00€)

  • equipment
  • half day or full day charter, including skipper
  • Transfer between camp and marina

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