The cable wake park in the Algarve

The new cable park is located close to our camp house in Lagos in the Algarve and offers an outstanding playground for wakeboarding in Portugal for beginners as well as for pros.


The 2.0 system provides you with the easiest and most efficient way to learn wakeboarding within a matter of minutes as a beginner. Thanks to the high connection point and a one-to-one instruction you will be able to enjoy your first rides on the wakeboard in the Algarve very
quickly. Moreover, it is also the safest way because accurate speed controls and constant supervision ensure a high level of safety.

02Wakeboard coaching

Learn to wake like a pro…from the pros!
Our award winning, super friendly wakeboard coaches will bring you from zero to hero in no time. They will take care of your individual progress from learning the very first steps no matter if your goal is to get up riding on the board, your first railey, back roll or sliding the rails.
Also “almost-pro-riders” can learn very advanced trick combinations like mobes, 313s or other inverted handel pass tricks
The Wake Salinas Cable Park in Lagos is the best possible learning environment to learn, practice and just hanging out watching your instructors show how it is done.
Are you pumped to take your wakeboard skills to the next level?
Challenge accepted?
Please imply “coaching” to your booking.

03Air tricks

The cable park equipped with a 2.0 system is the best place to learn and practice wild air tricks! Supported by two vertically integrated parallel cables the cable pull allows greater tension and a smooth pull. In contrast to a full system, you can take advantage of the 180-degree rotation at the end of the line for learning new tricks. The best thing is that the dumbbell immediately returns to the wakeboarder after falling within a few seconds and the same trick can be tried again. This has unbeatable learning potential!


On the wakeboard lake, you will find various ramps and slides. The so-called obstacles can be used for practising jumps and tricks by advanced wakeboarders. In support of the 2.0 system, the wakeboarder can head for the same obstacle within a few seconds. Compared to the full cable tows, a boat or jet skis, the tricks can be learned much more quickly and effectively under the same conditions due to the immediate return of the dumbbell to the wakeboarder after a fall. It is quite the best system for practising new tricks!

05New Equipment

In the cable park, you can choose between the CTRL boards for beginners or professionals. Needless to say, a neoprene suit and a vest are also included in the equipment.
Cable and boat on the same day in Portugal!
There are only a few wakeboard camps in Europe and none of them allows you to wakeboard with a Mastercraft wakeboard boat and a 2.0 wake park on the same day. At our wake camp in the Algarve, we make it possible!


Wakeboard Set – 35 €

  • Equipment
  • 2× 10 minutes on 2.0 system
  • transfer between camp and cable park

Cable park with course – 60 €

  • Equipment and 2× 10 minutes on 2.0 system
  • from Zero to Hero course for beginners and pros (approx. 1h)
  • transfer between camp und cable park

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