For our camp members

Free Yoga & Pilates Session

Every Monday morning at 9 am

In addition to unforgettable memories of the Algarve and new water sports experiences, we also want you to take home something which helps you bridging the time until your next surfing or kite session. Yoga and Pilates are a great choice to harmonise your body, mind and soul. Many water sports professionals, such as Kelly Slater (9x Surf Champion), Kristine Boese (9x kiteboarding champion) and Larid Hamilton (Big Wave Surf Legend), have discovered Yoga and Pilates as an optimal balance training.

Improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance

You will not only improve your strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and breathing volume. The exercises and techniques also help you achieve an increased calmness in stressful situations, as well as a faster recovery and prevention of injuries after an exhausting session on the water.
We offer you a free Yoga session per week which starts every Monday morning at 9 am by the pool.

Pricing Yoga & Pilates

Monday morning yoga session: Free
Upgrade to “Hero” package
incl. 5 yoga classes:
(upcharge on camp price)

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