Wakeboardozás Algarve-ban

Téged is folyamatosan hajt az adrenalin? Foglald le a wake kurzusodat és legyen egy felejthetetlen nyaralásod! A hajónk is wakeboardozásra lett kitalálva!

A portugáliai wake campünk résztvevői a hajón modern felszerelést kapnak, mint például boardok és kötések, amiket a Liquid Force, O’Brien és Ronix biztosítanak. Néha tapasztalt riderek kipróbálhatják a legújabb Ronix felszereléseket is!

01The wakeboarding boat in Lagos

Mastercraft X-23 / X-25

The X-Star which has been built for only one purpose – namely for wakeboarding – is the official wakeboard boat of the X-Games (the unofficial Olympics of extreme sport) for years. But what makes the X-23 and X-25 so eminently suitable for the conditions on the water? There is one crucial factor for ensuring serious wakeboard fun which is definitely the wake of the powerboat. Thanks to the special shape of the deep V-hull and the electronic ballast system of the wakeboard boat the huge wake can be used as a ramp to execute daring jumps. Experienced boarders can ride the endless wake even without holding on the rope. The boat is powered by a 350 horsepower V8 engine that gives you a plenty of pulling force at constant speed due to a special control program. In addition, the connecting point of the rope is installed on a rollover bar – the so-called tower – that allows you to execute even higher jumps. Thanks to the boat´s own sound system you can listen to your favorite tunes while you ride on a wakeboard in the water. This makes the wakeboard trip to a special and breathtaking highlight!

Price MASTERCRAFT Wake boat
from 340,00€ (+ fuel approx. 150,00€)

  • equipment
  • half day or full day charter, including skipper
  • Transfer between camp and marina

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