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Meet and learn with surfer, kitesurfer, windsurfer and wakeboarder from all over the world and enjoy memorable surf holidays in the beautiful Algarve in Portugal!

Kitesurf School & Surf Camp in Lagos, Portugal

Welcome to Algarve Watersport, the friendly kitesurf camp & surf school. Since 2006, we are one of the longest running Kitesurf Schools in Portugal and since then we also offer surf lessons and windsurf courses at the Algarve.

Portugal, specially the Algarve, offers perfect conditions for all watersports.
300 days of sun per year, consistent Atlantic swell for surfing, steady thermal summer wind and a shallow lagoon, perfect for learning kiteboarding & windsurfing.
At Algarve Watersport we put maximum effort to offer you the perfect holidays. With professional and highly dedicated instructors and newest equipment.

If you want to meet lots of watersport enthusiasts you can stay at our camp, the Kite House in Lagos. This authentic and cozy surf style accommodation, including delicious & healthy half board. For a relaxed stay at the Kite House, join a yoga session or book a massage.
If you are staying at the kite house, you can decide every day ahead which water sport activity you want to join.

Always Action Guaranteed!

Our offers - your benefits

Always Action

Waiting for wind or waves sucks! The Algarve offers way to many possibilities to have fun in / on the water. You can surf, kite, wake, sail and sup. With our unique „Always Action Guarantee“ YOU can choose the watersport according to your level, preference and current conditions. Every day! Always Action! Guaranteed!

Incredible Instructors

Professional instructing and coaching of watersport is the key to our sucsess. At Algarve Watersport you will only find dedicated and patient watersport instructors. Some with more than 20 years of experience in the buisness. The friendly Kite House Crew is passionat about making your stay the best vacation you ever had.

Super Spot

Portugal - the California of Europe. Algarve -300 days of sun pa. Lagos - secret capital of watersport. Waves in the West, wind from the North, flat water lagoon in the east and a beautiful beach in the south. The Kite House is located right in the middel o fit all in a quiet location with sea view but a lively and cultural rich town in walking distance.

Fantastic Food

Your body will need fuel for the action and the kite house kitchen will deliver! Start the day with a healthy and hearty breakfast buffet for a long day at the beach. Our chef Jenci and his team will pamper you with local and international 3-course dinner always keeping in mind the special nutrinional needs of athlets, vegitarians & vegans.

Cosy Camp

Eat, sleep, breath watersport! The Algarve Watersport base camp, the famous „Kite House“ in Lagos offers the different acco options for (go`n2b) watersport athlets. Bungalows, double and twin rooms, pool, bar, massage. But most important meet and make friends with awesomen water people from all over the world.

Magic Material

Certainly is modern, well maintained equipment, appropriate to the level of the sudent or watersport athlet, an important part of learning and enjoying watersports. We provide a wide range of surfboards, kitesurf gear and windsurf equipment from leading brands, plus warm and flexible wetsuit from Billabong and Ocean&Earth.

Portugal surf – best spots

The Algarve has plenty to offer! 300 days of the sunshine per year, beginner-friendly waves of the Atlantic Ocean and many diversified beaches give pleasure to both beginners and advanced surfers. This is why we established our surf camp “Algarve Watersport” in Lagos in the Algarve many years ago. Not only surfers but also kitesurfers and windsurfers enjoy these excellent conditions at Portugal´s south coast. Although Tarifa and Fuerteventura in Spain and Egypt are still ranked as popular spots for kitesurfing and windsurfing, the Algarve provides the best conditions for inexperienced kitesurfers and windsurfers thanks to its steady wind and shallow lagoons. Surfing in Portugal is worth a visit, especially in the beautiful Algarve! Advanced kiteboarders and windsurfers will also discover outstanding conditions for freestyle and speed riding on the open sea in front of Lagos.

Surf camp Algarve Watersport in Portugal

Our surf camp is quite perfect for all water sports enthusiasts. Solo travellers, but also friends, groups, couples or even families with children will feel at home. You might wonder what sets us apart from other surf camps in Portugal. At our camp, you don´t have to decide between the different types of water sports. Every day you may choose between surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, Stand up Paddling or even wakeboarding and actually try several water sports on the same day if you like.

In addition to surfing, we are specialised in wakeboarding and Stand Up Paddling as well. In the early hours the bay of Lagos, that is only a few minutes away from the camp, offers calm and warm water. Therefore, the lagoon is ideally suited for SUP (Stand Up Paddling) as well as for wakeboarding and wake surfing. The spectacular cliffs and caves of Lagos create a unique atmosphere!
As if that weren´t enough, our surf van will take you and your surf mates to other surf spots of the west coast of the Algarve. When the Nortada wind freshens in the afternoon, all kitesurfers and windsurfers will head to the lagoon situated between Lagos and Alvor. In the evening you can look forward to an adventurous wakeboard session at the cable park before enjoying the culinary three-course menu in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere by the pool.

Surf School Portugal

Algarve Watersport specialises in boardsports. Our excellent skilled, experienced and certified instructors always make the use of top-quality and modern equipment in order to offer the highest quality and safety standards for surfing in the Algarve for you at all times. Improve your level of surfing and get coached in well-structured courses by friendly surf teachers!

Surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing without camp

It is needless to say that those water sports enthusiasts who don´t live at our surf camp, but in one of the other lovely accommodations in the Algarve, may also participate in our surf, kite, windsurf and SUP classes and day trips and may rent our surfboards and kite equipment. Sometimes we even offer a pick-up service from different places such as Albufeira, Portimao, Lagos or Sagres.